How long does bariatric surgery take

Bariatric surgery, often known as weight loss surgery, is a life-changing treatment that may help people who are overweight lose considerable weight and improve their general health. However, how long does bariatric surgery take? The answer is dependent on a number of circumstances, including the type of operation, the patient’s health, and the surgeon’s expertise.

Bariatric surgery might take anywhere between one and four hours to perform. However, other operations, such as laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, can be completed in under an hour. More difficult procedures, such as the duodenal switch, might take up to four hours or more. The duration of the procedure is also determined by the patient’s BMI and any underlying medical issues.

The surgeon will make numerous tiny incisions in the belly and use specialized devices to remove a part of the stomach or reroute the digestive track during the procedure. The objective is to reduce stomach size, restrict food intake, and lower hunger hormones in the body. Patients are usually admitted to the hospital for a few days to recuperate and get post-operative care.

While bariatric surgery can be a very successful treatment for obesity, it should be noted that it is neither a fast cure or a one-size-fits-all approach. Patients must commit to making substantial lifestyle changes, such as eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly. In order to guarantee long-term success and to monitor any potential issues, they must also attend follow-up sessions with their doctor.

Finally, depending on the circumstances, bariatric surgery might take anywhere from one to four hours. It’s a life-changing treatment that needs considerable thought and dedication on the part of both patients and healthcare practitioners. If you’re overweight and contemplating bariatric surgery, talk to your doctor about your options and what to anticipate before and after the treatment.

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